Attractions in Spokane

Manito Park
Get your fill of the outdoors at Manito Park, a 90-acre spread containing numerous gardens, trails, playgrounds, and other recreation amenities. Several playground areas make it an enjoyable place for children. Trails provide an exciting adventure for the young and old alike. Formal gardens like the European-style Duncan Garden or the Japanese Garden add a bit of serenity in the hubbub of hectic life.

Spokane River
For the more adventurous, this Columbia tributary offers numerous outdoors activities. Get your feet wet with boating or rafting, or find a quiet spot for fishing. Along the river runs the Centennial Trail, a 37-mile long paved trail that starts at the Idaho border and runs until Nine Mile Falls. It is perfect for fun activities or just enjoying nature. Most of this trail runs through cleared areas that have been set aside for safety purposes, with the exception of only 7 miles that are still in process.

Hiking trails
Spokane boasts countless hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty. Try the easy Dishman Hills Loop for a short jaunt or a more challenging hike like the Three Peaks Loop in Mount Spokane State Park. Be sure to bring plenty of water and food, especially for longer hikes! Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. Know your endurance and strength levels before you begin, and check out what the hike will be in order to bring proper gear.

Davenport Hotel
More than just accommodations, the Davenport Hotel offers a glimpse into another world. You don't have to be staying at this hotel to appreciate its wonders. Tour the Davenport Hotel and enjoy the artistic architecture and d├ęcor. This refurbished hotel still contains the original style from when it opened in 1914. If you do happen to be staying, make sure and enjoy all this luxurious hotel has to offer, including its shoppes, fitness center, ballroom, mezzanine, and more!

Cat Tales Zoological Park
For cat lovers, there is the Cat Tales Zoological Park, hosting more than 40 big cats of different species, many of them endangered. Walk within just a few feet of these majestic creatures, or even visit the Petting Zoo to see them up close. Be careful, however; sudden noises or movements can startle even the tamest of wild creatures. Visit the zoo, but avoid loud noises or quick movements, and always follow park rules.